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Sunon Inc.

Sunon Inc was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industrial Company Ltd. Sunon Inc is devoted to providing professional engineering expertise and support to our customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

With a 16,000 square foot facility located in La Verne, California, Sunon Inc’s office includes product testing, value add, warehousing, sales, marketing and accounting support for the Americas. Sunon Inc provides support for specialized assemblies and customer support unique to our local market requirements.

Sunon Inc’s manufactures’ reps, sales and customer support are located across our coverage regions and trained to provide efficient local support for product and order processing to assure an uninterrupted supply of components to a wide variety of industries in need of advanced cooling solutions.

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About Sunonwealth

Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industrial Company Ltd, was founded in 1980 by former President and Chairman Alex Hong as a specialist manufacturer of fans and motors. The company’s rapid growth worldwide has paralleled the rise of the computer, network communications and telecommunication industries. Since Sunon’s establishment, the company has devoted itself to the development of new and innovative cooling technologies. Sunonwealth is knows for its innovative and flexible custom design capabilities, consistently reliable product and manufacturing efficiency.

Sunonwealth is a global company headquartered in Kaohsiung Taiwan and maintains a strategic geographic presence in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Sunonweatlth does this with 5 regional subsidiaries, more than 70 Distribution Partners and more than 1,000 Sales. Sunonwealth is strategically positioned to offer our Global partners with a wide range of support including marketing, technical, product training services, design, value-add and more.


Sunon designs and manufactures a full range of high-performance fans, blowers and coolers. The company is committed to supplying the widest selection of quality axial fans and blowers, which includes DC brushless fans, micro DC blowers, CPU coolers, graphic card coolers and AC fans. Sunon manufactures some of the industries smallest, thinnest and most power efficient fans and blowers in sizes ranging from 0.315 inches (8mm) to 10 inches (250mm) in outside diameter and from 0.157 inches (4mm) to 1.5 inches (38mm) in thickness. More than 700 different models are available to customers.


Sunon’s fans, blowers and coolers find application in a wide range of industries and products. The company’s products are used in many of the world’s most popular personal computers, workstations, servers, networking hubs, scanners, printers and more. In office equipment, Sunon products can be found in copiers, fax machines and projectors. Sunon is equally at home in the appliance market, with applications for refrigerators, air cleaners and air heaters. Other markets include medical, laboratory and manufacturing equipment, as well as vending machines.

Research & Development

Sunon has amassed a rich portfolio of over 2157 patents. We focus and invest 8-12% of turnover each year into research and development activities. Sunon’s Invention & Innovation Center contains a acoustics & vibration laboratory and a material laboratory.  These laboratories are equipped with the most advanced equipment such as Acoustics HMS, Vibration Mode Analyzer(s), IR Thermography Analyzer(s), and High Precision Thermography System(s). Utilizing the latest CAE software, we have the capability to conduct digital/analog analysis on heat flow, acoustics, magnetic circuit of motors, vibration modes, structural strength, drop simulation, modular flow, and many more.


Sunon manufactures its products at three production facilities in China (Beihai, Foshan, and Kunshan) and one in Taiwan (Kaohsiung), which are all capable of accepting large, high-volume orders. Our manufacturing plants are large, clean modern facilities employing the latest in mechanized and fully automated assembly equipment. Sunon maintains an extensive laboratory and testing facility to ensure that its products meet the industry’s most rigorous electrical performance and environmental standards.

Beihai Plant

Foshan Plant

Kunshan Plant

Kaohsiung Plant

Philippines Plant