Sunon’s fans, blowers and coolers find application in a wide range of industries and products. The company’s products are used in many of the world’s most popular personal computers, workstations, servers, networking hubs, scanners, printers and more. In office equipment, Sunon products can be found in copiers, fax machines and projectors. Sunon is equally at home in the appliance market, with applications for refrigerators, air cleaners and air heaters. Other markets include medical, laboratory and manufacturing equipment, as well as vending machines.

 Telecom Telecom Solution

Sunon offer fans and fan module products featuring high air flow, high air pressure, high IP protection, energy savings, power off brake circuit design, and other features, tailor-made for the industry.

 DATA-STORAGE  Server/Storage Solution

Sunon’s P & V series fans are ideal for 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U applications, ranging from 36×28 to 120×28 in size.

 high_bay  LED Lighting Solution

Sunon offers a wide range of customized thermal solutions (active and passive cooling) designed specifically for LED applications.

 20110131174824-handheld  Thermal Solution for Mobile Device
Sunon’s Mighty Mini fans and blowers are world’s smallest, thinnest, and lightest cooling fans and blowers, measuring between 8-30mm wide, and 2mm thin, ideal for portable handheld devices.
 Commercial-Grade-Refrigeration  Refrigeration Solution
Sunon’s latest development of energy saving fans is our EC series, utilizing the advanced Electronically Commutated (EC) motor technology.
 AutoCoolingSolution  Automotive Solution
Whether you are looking for a basic or complex thermal management, Sunon’s automotive team will work with you to identify and create a solution that best suit your needs. Our fans and blowers are optimized to reach the perfect balance between airflow, noise, vibration, reliability, and energy efficiency for each application.