DC Fan & Blower

In its pursuit of premium quality with innovation SUNON is rewarded by its No. 1 position in market share

For decades, SUNON has consistently concentrated on its core motor technology, and as a result, we have accumulated various inventions and innovations in this field. We now provide 17mm~120mm DC Fan & Blower series and offer the most effective thermal solutions. In 1999, SUNON successfully released the MagLev Motor Fan, the first magnetic levitation motor in the world. Based on the excellent performance of this product, follow up motor fan products featuring higher flexibility, energy-efficiency, lower noise, and longer service life have been created. The product series is RoHS compliant and is also certified according to many quality management accreditation systems and has gained various accreditations such as UL, TUV, and VDE. According to a global mini motors market survey report published by Fuji Keizai (2009), SUNON’s share in DC Fan market tops the world, maintaining its leadership in the market.

What is a DC Fan and Blower?

A DC fan and blower is a device that uses a small electric motor to turn a propeller. The propeller blade draws in air and pushes it through a tube or duct. This airflow can provide ventilation in a room or cool electronic equipment.

Sunon’s DC fans are available in both standard sizes (8-24 inches) and mini sizes (2-6 inches).

Brushless DC Fans

Sunon offers brushless DC fans, which are composed of a stator, which is fixed, and a rotor that spins around the stator. There are no brushes between these two components, which eliminates sparking and wear and makes brushless DC fans more reliable than brush-type DC fans.

Advantages of DC Fans and Blowers

Sunon DC fans and blowers have several advantages over AC fans and blowers. They are more energy-efficient, smaller, lighter, quieter, and have a longer operational life. They are also more versatile, since their speed can be adjusted as needed.


Sunon DC fans and blowers are used in industrial, food and beverage, telecom, medical, gaming & VR, and automotive applications.

These state-of-the-art products are a great way to improve cooling and ventilation. For additional information and to inquire about our products, contact Sunon today.

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