EC Axial Fans: High Efficiency Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Sunon EC Axial fans are one of our many cooling solutions for commercial or industrial applications. These fans run on high efficiency brushless DC motors, which are driven directly from an AC power supply. Compared with our conventional AC fans and shade pole motors, power consumption for these EC fans is reduced by approximately 80%. 

Furthermore, some of our EC fans also meet the standards for dust-proof and water-proof IP21, IP55, and IP68 ratings. For safety, some of our EC fans also meet ATEX directive standards. These are two EU directives that define minimum safety requirements for equipment used in explosive atmospheres. This certification ensures that our fans are safe to operate in commercial refrigerator and freezer applications.

Sunon is proud to be on the forefront of cooling technology with our EC fan models. We are a leading fan manufacturer and fan distributor, providing EC fans for automobiles, plus AC fans and blowers.