Premium IP68 and GR487-Rated GF4028 Fan Series are Optimized for Environmental Protection

The premium IP and GR487-rated GF4028 fans from Sunon are specifically designed for outdoor applications. These fans provide exceptional environmental protection advantages, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in various challenging conditions.

Four Levels of Ingress Protection Against Dust and Water

Level 1 protection, ranging from IP21 to IP51, involves the application of conformal coating. This level is suitable for industrial facilities such as control rooms and environmentally controlled enclosures, where protection against dust and solid particles is essential.

Level 2 protection, ranging from IP52 to IP66, offers a higher level of defense against ambient temperatures and humidity. These fans are ideal for industrial equipment operating in open spaces exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Level 3 protection, encompassing IP67 to IP68 ratings, involves the use of Parylene coating. This level provides resistance to water, high moisture, and harsh industrial zones with dust particles and chemical substances. Sunon’s IP68 fans excel in environments where exposure to water is a common occurrence, making them perfect for applications like street lights, garden lights, and aquarium lights.

The highest level of environmental protection is Level 4, represented by the GR487 rating. Fans with GR487 certification undergo potting, which involves completely encapsulating the motor. This level offers unparalleled defense against chemicals like oil solvents, cleaning agents, lubricants, as well as extreme weather conditions like high humidity, dust, salt-fog, and solar radiation. The GF4028 fans are specifically engineered to operate reliably in challenging environments such as deserts, polar regions, and high elevations.

Sunon’s commitment to LED light cooling technology has enabled the development of these advanced fan series. Their ultra-thin design, ultra-silent operation, and exceptional dust-proof and water-proof features make them highly competitive in the market. With these fans, LED lamps can achieve high-efficiency cooling, excellent lighting quality, and significantly prolonged lifespan.

Sunon’s premium IP and GR487-rated fans offer four levels of ingress protection against water and dust, catering to a wide range of outdoor applications. Whether it’s providing efficient cooling in industrial facilities or withstanding harsh weather and chemical exposure, Sunon’s fans demonstrate their industry-leading product competitiveness and commitment to environmental sustainability.