SUNON Is Launching IP68 Series Fan for LED Lighting

In recent years, as the world pays increasing attention to energy saving and the environment, LED lighting technology has quickly been developed. The evolution of LED lighting also plays a crucial role to the government. LED lamps are characterized by energy saving, long service life, high brightness, and low maintenance cost. Therefore, every country has been aggressively promoting LED application in all industries. In the LED Expo Thailand held in April this year in Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand’s Energy Minister pointed out that they would support all sorts of energy saving products, including LED lamps. The lighting market of Southeast Asia in 2015 was estimated to be approximately $4.8 billion USD, of which LED lighting was about $1.5 billion USD, or 31%. A tropical climate prevails across South East Asia, where it’s hot and rainy throughout the year. As such, to respond to the market’s needs, LED lamps are bound to increase cooling and moisture-proof in design.

Thanks to its commitment to LED light cooling technology for so many years, SUNON has developed an ultra-thin, ultra-silent and highest dust-proof and water-proof cooling fan “IP68”, a GF6015 fan series. The fan wraps up the entire motor with patent motor protection technology to effectively protect the motor from dust and water. Even in harsh environments, such as deserts, rainforests, high mountains, etc., it can still run stably while providing high-efficiency cooling. The fan’s ultra-thin 15mm design surpasses the industry’s sealant encapsulation protection technology and demonstrates SUNON’s leading product competitiveness. In response to different LED lighting devices, we offer round and square frames to meet clients’ different needs.

As the LED lighting industry evolves, LED lamps are required to possess high efficiency cooling and excellent lighting quality. They are also required to be applied to special products in hostile environments, such as street lights, bay lights, plant cultivating lights, aquarium lights, garden lights, etc., that often come in contact with rainwater. SUNON’s GF6015 fan features water / dust-proof, low energy consumption, high-efficiency, ultra silent, etc. It also prolongs LED lamps’ life significantly.

In addition to being applied to the LED lighting industry, the SUNON GF6015 water / dust-proof fan can also be used in severe environments and run non-stop, day and night. We can offer variance-based and professional flexible product designs, along with tailor-made solutions.