The best cooling choice for 1U rack server stability

Stability is always a top concern when users choose a server.  This is especially true when it comes to high-stability system operation for 1U rack servers where height and space are limited and high cooling capacity is crucial.

The Sunon Power Motor Fan 40×40×56mm is designed especially for 1U rack servers with strict requirements for cooling efficiency. It not only solves the problem of high system impedance in limited space by employing tandem fan operation to increase air pressure and achieve high cooling efficiency, but it also features low electricity consumption, superior sound quality, and smart fan control.

In addition to outstanding performance in cooling efficiency and high reliability, the sound quality performance of the Sunon Power Motor 4056 Server Fan conforms to the ECMA-74 standard.  Likewise, the fan meets Dell’s high standard for sound quality performance and has been successfully adopted by DELL in its new-generation 1U Rack Server.


  1. High Airflow and High Static Pressure.
  2. Excellent Sound Quality.
  3. Low Power Consumption due to its single-phase motor design.
  4. Soft Start design can reduce the power loading of system and lower the start-up noise.
  5. Feedback Control Design can be set according to customer’s need. Through precise control of fan speed, Sunon PMD 4056 provides more efficient cooling performance.

Model no: PMD1204PPBX-A
Fan size: 40×40×56mm

Rating voltage Power current Power consumption Speed Air Flow Static Pressure Noise
12V 1.09A 13.1W 17600/13500RPM 26.7CFM 2.33 inch-H2O 66.6dBA


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